Starting his film career later in life after completing a science degree, TP (Tony Prescott) went on to study both a Masters in Film from the University of Technology, Sydney, and an Honors in Film Direction from the prestigious Australian Film, Television, Radio School.

Cutting his teeth on commercial work for the past decade, winning a host of awards, the most recognizable being his work for Sea Shepherd that won a Cannes Lion for Direction and Film Craft.

Tony directed and produced his first feature-length project in 2013 called LEGACY, a documentary that follows the journey of two men battling with Motor Neurone Disease.

Off the back of this success, Tony made The Pretend One, his debut fictional feature, set on an Australian cotton farm about an Imaginary Friend who falls in love with the girl that created him. This film sold across the pacific region and to Amazon Prime in the US and is now in talks to create an American remake.

With the success of TP's first million-dollar ad and a slate of films in development, TP is set to carve a name for himself as both a commercial director, writer, and filmmaker.